There are many mission before the well-known mission introduced in the beginning of the game.

00_70_00_0100:Missing In Action
00_70_00_0101:Crash Course In Sicilian
00_70_00_0102:Hide And Seek
00_70_00_0103:Man Of Honor
00_70_00_0104:Call Of Duty
00_70_00_0105:Back Up/Call Of Duty v2
00_70_00_0106:Death Squad
00_70_00_0107:People Power
00_70_00_0108:The Old Country

00_70_00_0100:Missing In Action
00_70_00_0101:Crash Course In Sicilian
00_70_00_0102:Hide And Seek
00_70_00_0103:Man Of Honor
00_70_00_0104:Call Of Duty
00_70_00_0105:Back Up/Call Of Duty v2
00_70_00_0106:Death Squad
00_70_00_0107:People Power
00_70_00_0108:The Old Country
00_70_00_0200: Back in town
00_70_00_0201: Mom's pet
00_70_00_0202: Back at work
00_70_00_0203: Family Meeting
00_70_00_0204: Dog of the scrap yard
00_70_00_0205: Training wheels
00_70_00_0206: Walter and I
00_70_00_0207: Other performances
00_70_00_0208: Working tools
00_70_00_0209: My own car
00_70_00_0210: Racing
00_70_00_0211: Looking for a helper
00_70_00_0212: hard work
00_70_00_0213: Dirty work
00_70_00_0214: Share of trade unions
00_70_00_0215: The Road Home
00_70_00_0216: Home sweet home
00_70_00_0300: Civilian Life
00_70_00_0301: On a shot at Freddy's never early
00_70_00_0302: Meet Henry
00_70_00_0303: Taxi driver
00_70_00_0304: Preparing to enter
00_70_00_0305: Collecting stamps
00_70_00_0306: A Thief in the building!
00_70_00_0307: stamp collectors
00_70_00_0308: With a handful of tickets
00_70_00_0309: The allocation of race
00_70_00_0310: job well done
00_70_00_0311: Shopping late at night
00_70_00_0312: Easy money L***iter
00_70_00_0313: brothel in the trunk
00_70_00_0315: Blue Murder
00_70_00_0316: Time to relax
00_70_00_0317: Enemy of the State
00_70_00_0400: Armed and Dangerous
00_70_00_0401: With permission to kill                            
00_70_00_0402: Working for Uncle Sam
00_70_00_0403: Accurate work
00_70_00_0404: EFP
00_70_00_0406: I am ready
00_70_00_0408: Telephone Service
00_70_00_0409: Clothes Make the Man
00_70_00_0410: Shopping late at night
00_70_00_0411: We are not alone in the dark
00_70_00_0412: Competition has arrived
00_70_00_0413: Between the mer and anvil
00_70_00_0414: Irish luck
00_70_00_0415: Murphy's Law
00_70_00_0500: The early bird
00_70_00_0501: Girl problems
00_70_00_0502: How to treat a lady
00_70_00_0503: Working for the Mob
00_70_00_0505: Steve lazy
00_70_00_0506: No honor among thieves
00_70_00_0507: A racket for Derek
00_70_00_0508: Back to real work
00_70_00_0509: Tears in his eyes
00_70_00_0510: Firing Line
00_70_00_0511: Špekouna Kill!
00_70_00_0512: distillery
00_70_00_0513: Emergency Exit
00_70_00_0514: ambulance man
00_70_00_0515: Jackpot
00_70_00_0516: repayment
00_70_00_0517: Saw
00_70_00_0600: Fresh Meat
00_70_00_0601: Caged
00_70_00_0602: SOS
00_70_00_0603: Hostile reunion
00_70_00_0604: Hole
00_70_00_0605: Ray of hope
00_70_00_0606: People are still learning
00_70_00_0607: They can do Kung Fu
00_70_00_0608: Professional boxer
00_70_00_0609: Housekeeping
00_70_00_0610: Pretty scary
00_70_00_0611: Maximum scabies
00_70_00_0612: Lessons for idiots
00_70_00_0613: Well Spent time
00_70_00_0700: Taste of Freedom
00_70_00_0701: Back to work
00_70_00_0702: Ride to raise money
00_70_00_0703: Racing in dock
00_70_00_0704: Small tasting
00_70_00_0705: An ambush in broad daylight
00_70_00_0706: My own place
00_70_00_0707: Out of jail
00_70_00_0708: Poor Francesca
00_70_00_0709: good old Leo
00_70_00_0710: Soubojové gun
00_70_00_0711: Old relic
00_70_00_0712: Prison rules
00_70_00_0713: Serves you right
00_70_00_0715: honest work?
00_70_00_0716: Joe's surprise
00_70_00_0717: Garden of Eden
00_70_00_0718: hard-drinking fist
00_70_00_0719: Over the limit
00_70_00_0720: Disorder in the trunk
00_70_00_0721: Gravedigger
00_70_00_0722: Rest in peace
00_70_00_0723: Lights out and sleep
00_70_00_0724: Commemoration of Francesco Potenza
00_70_00_0800: Mild
00_70_00_0801: Heavy smoker
00_70_00_0802: Red, White and Blue
00_70_00_0803: Barbara Tobacco Inc.
00_70_00_0804: In a cloud of smoke
00_70_00_0805: follow the trail
00_70_00_0806: Crazy Horse Saloon
00_70_00_0807: Wild night at Crazy Horse
00_70_00_0808: Rozbíječi gates
00_70_00_0809: No shooting
00_70_00_0810: Who lives weapons ...
00_70_00_0811: Quick two thousand
00_70_00_0812: War booty
00_70_00_0813: Payback
00_70_00_0814: No time to rest
00_70_00_0815: A little bit of blackmail
00_70_00_0816: Selling Insurance
00_70_00_0817: Have you got enough?
00_70_00_0818: This is my territory
00_70_00_0819: Painful reminder
00_70_00_0820: Enough you?
00_70_00_0821: Good sleep
00_70_00_0822: WILD HOGS
00_70_00_0900: Sabbath
00_70_00_0901: Risky deal
00_70_00_0902: nerves of steel
00_70_00_0903: Collapse rich man
00_70_00_0904: Follow that car!
00_70_00_0905: Slaughter Buesa
00_70_00_0906: Channel rat
00_70_00_0907: Channel rat and ****y sauce
00_70_00_0908: Rescuing a tough financial
00_70_00_0909: With reinforcements
00_70_00_0910: The mother of all stink
00_70_00_0911: ****, wash and shave off
00_70_00_0912: tough and accounting
00_70_00_1000: Good Times
00_70_00_1001: Shipment for Mr. Clemente
00_70_00_1002: Devil's Plan
00_70_00_1003: Cleaning crew
00_70_00_1004: Less dust, more shooting
00_70_00_1005: Over the edge
00_70_00_1006: Randal on the roof
00_70_00_1007: Mizera is lucky
00_70_00_1008: Running down the hallway
00_70_00_1009: Playing for high stakes
00_70_00_1010: Finally, Mr. Clemente
00_70_00_1011: safecra*c*ker for rent
00_70_00_1012: Get on a gr***hopper
00_70_00_1013: safecra*c*ker I need to sleep
00_70_00_1014: Drunken brawler
00_70_00_1015: Hey, Joe
00_70_00_1016: Room Service
00_70_00_1100: like lightning
00_70_00_1101: Fidelity
00_70_00_1102: peekaboo
00_70_00_1103: Alongside
00_70_00_1104: For better or worse
00_70_00_1105: Lounge
00_70_00_1106: Be nice ...
00_70_00_1107: Hot House
00_70_00_1108: Outside, the frost
00_70_00_1109: slapping Irishman
00_70_00_1110: Revenge is sweet
00_70_00_1111: Family first
00_70_00_1112: Goodbye, old friend
00_70_00_1113: I need a drink
00_70_00_1114: For better or worse
00_70_00_1115: Lounge
00_70_00_1116: Be nice ...
00_70_00_1117: Hot House
00_70_00_1118: Outside, the frost
00_70_00_1119: slapping Irishman
00_70_00_1120: Freedom is sweet
00_70_00_1121: Our friend
00_70_00_1200: Henry's a big deal
00_70_00_1201: Dangerous goods
00_70_00_1202: cautious driver
00_70_00_1203: Henry's a big deal
00_70_00_1204: Desperate times, desperate means
00_70_00_1205: indebted
00_70_00_1206: name of the law stand
00_70_00_1207: Cops and Robbers
00_70_00_1208: The chase with the truck
00_70_00_1209: Settlement of accounts
00_70_00_1210: Sea gift
00_70_00_1300: Pretty deep in the ***
00_70_00_1301: Working for a husband
00_70_00_1302: Hot wheels
00_70_00_1303: Roll on the life
00_70_00_1304: Meeting in the Park
00_70_00_1305: Chinese meatloaf
00_70_00_1306: Delivery for Mr. Wong
00_70_00_1307: Closed due to renovation schemes
00_70_00_1308: Open the safe!
00_70_00_1309: I had to crawl out of bed ...
00_70_00_1310: The cops in the back
00_70_00_1311: Exit the Dragon
00_70_00_1400: Helping Harry
00_70_00_1401: sitting around with Joe
00_70_00_1402: Family Business
00_70_00_1403: Mr. Salieri sends greetings
00_70_00_1404: Helping an old friend
00_70_00_1405: arms dealer
00_70_00_1407: Fast Money
00_70_00_1409: Net Action
00_70_00_1411: A racket for Derek
00_70_00_1412: The Father
00_70_00_1413 Repayments for the loan sharks
00_70_00_1414 Repayments for the loan sharks
00_70_00_1415: Lost in Action
00_70_00_1416 Joe Barbaro, lost in action
00_70_00_1417: On the construction
00_70_00_1418: I hope I'm late ...
00_70_00_1419: Hold on, buddy
00_70_00_1420: We need to get out fast!
00_70_00_1421: captured!
00_70_00_1422: We need to get out fast!
00_70_00_1423: Grab your money and disappear!
00_70_00_1424: Doctor!
00_70_00_1425 Repayments for the loan sharks
00_70_00_1426: God, I need to relax
00_70_00_1427: Steps to Heaven
00_70_00_1428: Steps to Heaven
00_70_00_1500: And back to the
00_70_00_1501: So who here is happiness?
00_70_00_1502: Hold it in the family
00_70_00_1503: Endgame for Vinci
00_70_00_1504: It may be only one
00_70_00_1505: Better Offer
00_70_00_1506: Visit the planetarium
00_70_00_1507: Fly me to the moon
00_70_00_1508: Another star in the sky
00_70_00_1509: Dual problem
00_70_00_1510: The end is near
00_70_00_1511: Dual problem
00_70_00_1512: Visit the planetarium
00_70_00_1513: Fly me to the moon
00_70_00_1514: Time for revenge
00_70_00_1517: There is no escape?
00_70_00_1520: Let God be judge
00_70_00_1521: The end is near
00_70_00_1522: Let God be judge
00_70_00_1523: Arrivederci, Carlo
00_70_00_1525: Better Offer
00_70_00_1526: Visit the planetarium
00_70_00_1527: Fly me to the moon
00_70_00_1528: Another star in the sky
00_70_00_1529: Hold it in the family
00_70_00_1530: Veni, Vidi, Vinci
00_70_00_1531: Stay the only one
00_70_00_1532: Per Aspera Ad Astra

Denby Grace, the Senior Producer of the upcoming hype train Mafia II confirmed that at one point the story actually had four endings. During an interview with IGTV Denby said:<br /><i>“We had four multiple endings at one point in the game, and then we looked at it and we had one really outstanding great ending to end our story, we just said ‘You know what? Let’s just ditch these other endings, this is the ending everyone wants’ and that’s one thing we’re happy with making that choice.”</i><br /><br /><br />
<!-- RTE::{"spaces":0,"type":"LINE_BREAK"} --> Some interesting texts in the game code talking about multiple endings:

<br />
<pre data-rte-empty-lines-before="1">00_56_00_1501:Chapter 15
00_56_00_1502:Per Aspera Ad Astra
00_56_00_1503:Oyster Bay, September 26th, 1951

00_56_00_1505:High Time
00_56_00_1506:October 18th, 1953

00_56_00_1508:Friends for Life
00_56_00_1509:July 22nd, 1955

00_56_00_1511:A Family Business
00_56_00_1512:January 18th, 1954
00_56_00_1513:The End

There´s an evidence about a side mission in the game where Vito looks out of his windows and there was a dog attacking a person. Remains of this side mission can be found in the game code:

00_70_00_0204: Dog of the scrap yard

Question: How many times will we be taken out of the map for missions?

2k answer: There may be one or two times, but I’m not revealing the story.

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