Mafia II was said to contain about 70 different cars.[1]

All the promised vehicles can be found here, and most of them can be seen here where the developer mentioned all the other types of transport, namely buses, elevated trains, normal trains, subway and planes (in Czech language).


An ambulance driver was among the removed NPCs[2], indicating an ambulance may have been planned to appear in, at least, a mission.

00_70_00_0514:Ambulance Driver

1957 BuickEdit

A vehicle that closely resembles a 1957 Buick is seen in the Mafia II box cover art. This car has not been mentioned as cut anywhere else nor there is any evidence of it being in game at one point. The verdict of whether this was in the game or was used for the image is inconclusive.

Delizia 410 Grand AmericanEdit

The Delizia 410 Grand American was supposed to appear in a mission given by Steve, with an objective to destroy some of them at a warehouse.[3] It was cut for unknown reasons[4], but later returned in the Joe's Adventures mission Bet on That as the Delizia Grandeamerica[4], despite having a redesigned appearance with rounder edges and minor modifications.[5]

The original car seems to be based on a late 1950s Ferrari, with its name probably being based on the Ferrari 410 Superamerica.


Forklifts were originally planned for a Joe's Adventures mission taking place in a printing press, but somehow it did not make it into the final DLC.[6] It still remains in the game files, but the in-game model lacks its own texture, thus making it appear completely green.[7]


The forklift is added to the game files after installing Joe's Adventures, under the name "desta.sds". It can be found here:

Mafia II/pc/dlcs/cnt_joes_adventures/sds/cars


The Mannschaftstransportwagen is a half track, presumably based on the Sd.Kfz. 251. Its texture can still be found within the game files, and this vehicle can still be driven through game modifications.


Moscardo AS37Edit

Not much is known about the Moscardo AS37 as only its texture still exists, which strongly suggests that it is a military vehicle.[7] This vehicle may have been planned to appear in Chapter 1 along with other military vehicles, but was scrapped later on.


Text files show missing vehicles.

00_60_00_0004:Sherman M4A1
00_60_00_0005:Sicilian Cart

Trunk storage systemEdit

There was a possibility to fill the trunk of the car with a body, weapons (as developers promised) or perhaps with some stuff that Vito was able to buy in the city (like electric appliances)

Remains of the car trunk option can be seen in:


Question: Can we store bodies in the trunk of a car?

2K answer: You will be able to drag bodies around. You will not be able to hide bodies within things.

Source: 2K Forum



Walter Military Jeep was originally a part of the main game itself. However as an excluse car it was later sold in a DLC. You can see it passing by at 1:32.

Mafia II - simulation (CZ)

Mafia II - simulation (CZ)

Opened car trunk at 1:03

Mafia2 tank

Mafia2 tank.avi

There is also a texture of The German Wespe armored vehicle in the game which was prepared for some war mission on Sicily.It is necessary to say that this vehicle has no geometry. It was used only for a missing cutscene.