Sustem fight Mafia 2 GDS09 special for mafia2family

Sustem fight Mafia 2 GDS09 special for

Here´s a video that show many other combos and melee weapons. Dan Vavra even mentioned that Vito will be able to grab a chair and fight with it in pubs.

As you can see there were many melee weapons and Vito was even able to pick up most of the stuff on the ground or a chair to throw(Daniel Vavra mentions this in one developer diary).

Remains of this can be found in the game code:

00_50_00_0227: Lift chair
00_50_00_0228: Pick an object

As we all know there were originally fights in bars and Vito was able to throw a chair on his enemy. However you won´t find it in the game.