Carlos lopez and vito without any picture from Jimmy!!!

Carlos in one of the game artworks. Carlos is however nowhere to be found in the game.

Carlos is a removed NPC who played role in some side missions. He ran a chop shop racket during the Frankie Potts storyline. His nickname was "Charlie".

03_51_01_0013:Steal the custom Lassiter.
03_51_01_0014:Get the Lassiter to Charlie in perfect condition.

The following entry was meant to appear in Mafia II's "Family Album." In the game files, this entry is grouped in the "City Album."

00_62_07_0002: Carlos "Charlie" Lopez owns a series of body shops in Empire Bay. Born in Cuba, he came to America in 1922, barely speaking English and hoping to find work. He drifted between farms in the southern states, eventually learing to repair agricultural vehicles. By 1930, Charlie had saved enough money to move to Empire bay and open his own garage. He expanded throughout the Great Depression by "legalizing" stolen cars, many of which were sold abroad by Vinci capo Derek Pappalardo. Despite making an honest living from his body shop chain, Charlie continues to provides these services to the mob.

Charlie mangu2i

Charlie in the Frankie Potts files

Mafia II - Digital Deluxe Artbook-032